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4 Hours Course (First Time Drivers)

FIRST TIME DRIVERS, if you have never held a regular driver license in any state, country, or jurisdiction, you must complete a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course before applying for a temporary driving permit (restricted driver license) in the state of Florida.


4 Hours B.D.I (Basic Driver Improvement)

The 4-hour B.D.I Basic Driver Improvement Course may be taken online or in the classroom.
This course is the most common course to avoid points on your driver’s license.

The B.D.I 4 hour course, is required by the Department of Highway safety and motor vehicles for anyone who receives a simple moving violation and elects the option to attend traffic school instead of points being assessed against their driving record.

The 4 hour course is the most common and most widely taken course. This course may be taken as an election to avoid points as a judgement, as a TCAC (Traffic Collision Avoidance Course), and as defensive driving course for an insurance discount. The 4 hour course may only be taken once every twelve months. If you have already taken a 4 hour class within the past twelve months, then you may be eligible to take an 8 hour course.


8 Hours I.D.I (Intermediate Driver Improvement)

The 8 hour I.D.I Intermediate Driver Improvement course may be taken by onlineor in a live class format.

This class is similar in context to the 4 hour, but is a bit more detailed in addressing driver safety.

This course may be taken in place of the 4 hour course in SOME COUNTIES if you have already taken a 4 hour course within the past twelve months, in order to avoid points for the second traffic violation. Please see the list of County Clerks of Court, and contact the clerk of court in the country in which the ticket was received to verify if they accept the 8 hour Program.

This course may also and often is taken due to a judge ordering the completion of an 8 hour program for a particular citation.

In either case, election or judgment Intermediate Driver Improvement, it may be completed online or live class.


12 Hour A.D.I (Advanced Driver Improvement)

The 12 hour A.D.I (Advanced Driver Improvement) course is available online or in live classroom. The A.D.I Driving course also known as A.D.I training is for drivers that require advanced driver improvement training. The A.D.I Driving course objective is to identify driving behaviors that are leading to the troublesome driving habits. By completing the A.D.I training course and actively participating in A.D.I School discussions, drivers will be better prepared to make informed choices to determine future driving behavior.

The A.D.I class may only be taken in the event of a Court Order, Point Suspension or HTO (Habitual Traffic Offender).

If the A.D.I is being completed due to judgment, the student needs to provide the A.D.I school with the citation information for which the judgment was imposed.

If the A.D.I is being completed due to point suspension or HTO (Habitual Traffic Offender), the student must inform the A.D.I school at the time of enrollment so we can ensure that the correct information is reported to the DMV. After the student completes the registration for this course, we will issue the student a letter of enrollment allowing the student to apply for a hardship license.

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